The World's Largest Sports Festival

From baseball to badminton, rugby to roller derby, chess to cheerleading… Pokatok is a festival of world sports and competitors, from amateur to professional.

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Spring 2024   |   Houston, Texas
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Pokatok Festival Downtown Houston Optimistic & somewhat farcical rendering of a future Pokatok Festival
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What is the Most Difficult Sport? Part 1 – Stick & Ball Sports

Coach Jay dives into the heated debate of what the most difficult sports are, starting with the stick-and-ball sports.

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Our Takes

The 7 Best Soccer Chants Around the World

Pokatok’s Coach Jay talks about some of the best chants heard at football (or soccer) matches around the world.

Our Takes

Is There a Worse Sound than the Yankee Strikeout Whistle?

Sometimes sports traditions are downright teeth-grinding, cringey, and annoying. Here’s Coach Jays personal list.

Our Takes

The Eight Best Student Section Chants

Crowd involvement can make huge impacts on sporting events… but these are the top eight in Coach Jay’s opinion.

Our Takes

The Most Embarrassing Walk-Up Songs Possible

Over the course of history, there have been some truly iconic pairings of athlete and song. These are not those.