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Spring 2024   |   Houston, Texas
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Pokatok Downtown Houston Optimistic & somewhat farcical rendering of a future Pokatok Festival
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Is the 12-team CFP Playoff Expansion Ruining College Football’s Regular Season?

When the 12 Team College Football Playoff was announced, there were a lot of cries and outrage from fans about how this would cheapen the regular season. I for one, am not buying that line of thought.

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These teams could desperately use a new name, logo or both

Blogs, commentators, and sports stars have talked about these terrible team mascots and names for years, but with all the talk, we haven’t seen some attempts at the visual re-branding.


Transforming Houston into The Global Hub for Sports Tech & Innovation

The sports tech revolution is upon us! The timing is perfect for a dedicated effort to evolve Houston into an international hotbed of sports innovation activity.


My Personal Sporting Events Bucket List

In the spirit of the World Cup kicking off it would be fun to take a look at some of the other incredible sporting events around the world that I’ve long dreamed of experiencing in person.


Who will win the Golden Boot this World Cup?

Harry Kane is favored to repeat as the winner, but let’s take a look at some long shots and see why it may not be the HurriKane.