The First Festival To Celebrate The Entirety of Sport

Pokatok is the World’s Fair for sports – the largest gathering of sports across the world and the innovations evolving them. From baseball to badminton, rugby to roller derby, chess to cheerleading… the Pokatok festival is an international exhibition of the world’s sports and their competitors, from amateur to professional.

Why? Not just because we love sports…

But, because we love the ability that sports have to bring people together. Sports are an incredibly powerful unifier of people, an amazing expression of the human experience. We want to bring the whole world – nations, teams, athletes, communities, and fans together to celebrate and elevate the human condition through sport.

No other social activity brings people together in such great numbers, and with so much passion and enjoyment. A love of sports is one of the great commonalities of being human. You can watch it happen – large crowds of strangers becoming family when they watch their team together. It’s the strongest connective tissue of our civilization.

The game of soccer has more devout followers than any religion, it has more fans than fighters in any war or members of any nation, it’s watched by more people than any movie ever made. More people understand the rules of soccer than they do any single language, it’s more infectious than any global pandemic and more widely celebrated than any holiday. And that’s just one sport.

At the Pokatok festival, society will gather together to celebrate and showcase sports across the world and the technologies, inventions, and innovations continuously shaping the new and the next.

Our initial concept for the indoor part of the festival.

The inaugural Pokatok festival will be in April of 2024.