Third Round of Pokatok Partners Announced: AFFL, Freestyle Trampoline and Drop-in Gaming

On the heels of announcing partnerships with Beasley ESports and Freestyle Football, we are announcing another exciting round of organization partnerships that are slated to make Pokatok the world’s biggest sports festival in the world.

“The momentum is building and it is very apparent we’re going to have a huge diversity of sports, entertainment, and activities,” said Lawson Gow, Pokatok Co-Founder, “We’re beyond excited to have these groups at our inaugural festival.”

Under the deal, the American Flag Football League will provide speakers and support for the event. The league has been a true leader in advancing the sport of flag football to the professional level, with 20 million people in more than 100 countries alone playing the sport. Over the last three years, the number of female high school players has increased by an estimated 40%.

“I am excited to join other leaders in sports on a panel to talk about sports, innovation, and everything in between!” said Brian Michael Cooper, President & COO at the American Flag Football League.

The Freestyle Trampoline Association is dedicated to the combination of sports through the common use of a trampoline as a training tool. At Pokatok, there will be an Olympic-sized trampoline delivered and installed on the festival grounds for official competition, as well as featured programmatic content available to all in attendance. 

“We see Freestyle Trampoline as more of a stage for all sports to be modified and performed on a trampoline, which can all be done and developed by the Freestyle Trampoline Association,” said Greg Roe, Co-Founder. “When I heard there is a world’s fair for sports that combines different sports together under one international event, I was excited to collaborate with those who share a similar vision that we have at FTA.”

Rounding out the trio of partners is Drop-in Gaming, the gaming platform designed to bring gamers of all ability and skill levels together. Drop-in Gaming will be responsible for the online tournament management software in the lead-up to and throughout the four-day event, including on-site tournament play. 

“It does not matter if you are a sports or esports fan, 90% of people are gamers,” said Tanner Bogart, CMO of Drop-In. “Whether it’s Candy Crush or Madden, to give the everyday gamer a chance to play like the pros is something we offer at a low barrier to entry, and more importantly, give every ‘Average Joe’ a chance to feel like a pro.”

Pokatok will include keynote speakers, panel discussions, pitch competitions, product launches, and networking opportunities for the sports industry while also featuring a sports film festival, competitions, tournaments, live music, and other activities for fans and consumers. 

The Pokatok early bird sale is slated to begin at the end of the week.

About American Flag Football League

The American Flag Football League (AFFL) is the preeminent professional flag football organization in the United States. The AFFL taps into the energy of one of the fastest-growing sports in America. We offer youth and women’s competition, and in 2024, we launch a men’s professional division. This is the first time a true professional sports structure enters the flag football space. Jeff Lewis, the founder, and CEO of the American Flag Football League, spent the previous 30 years building various businesses in the financial services sector. For more information, visit

About Freestyle Trampoline Association

The Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) is an organization of like-minded individuals and athletes in the trampoline industry who embrace the Freestyle element of sports.  We have created an official community that provides a platform for athletes who want to express themselves in unique ways. Freestyle Trampoline focuses on the wider spectrum of skills that are physically possible and includes not just difficult skills, but creativity as well. We focus on helping athletes use trampoline to discover themselves and what makes them unique.  These days, many professional acrobatic athletes are starting to turn to Freestyle because they see the limitless options available. For more information, visit

About Drop-in Gaming

Drop-In Gaming is built for gamers, by gamers, and is the easiest, and fastest way to play for big money. We offer B2B services and allow for pro sports teams and corporations to engage with their community in a new virtual way. Allowing casual and die-hard fans an opportunity to support some of their favorite teams while living across the nation. For more info, visit

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