These teams could desperately use a new name, logo or both

This is not a new conversation. Blogs, commentators, and sports stars have talked about these terrible team mascots and names for years. But, with all the talk we haven’t seen some attempts at the visual re-branding.

So, we decided to hire a designer.

Nothing is better than some good ole visual representation. Our designer put together some new logos to go along with some of the best re-branding ideas for professional and collegiate sports teams. Here’s our top 6.

#1 Brooklyn Nets

Originally the “New Jersey Americans”, this team never has found an iconic name that befits their region or culture. I mean, “The NETS”??? Travel back to 1968 and fire that marketing director immediately. Instead of this basic and uninteresting name, we searched through the internet for the best ideas and threw this together. Introducing, the Brooklyn Ballers.

New Brooklyn Nets name: Brooklyn Ballers

Alliteration is always good for branding, everyone wants to be a “baller”, and the old logo focused on the “Nets” as opposed to the city from which they come. Brooklyn is just so much cooler featured on the logo.

#2 Orlando Magic

We get it: Orlando is close to Disney. But, Florida and Orlando’s history is much deeper than that and nothing is less menacing or intimidating than kid-friendly branding. Instead of “Magic”, we’d like to offer a more regionally and historically appropriate name: the Orlando Sentinels.

New Orlando Magic name: Orlando Sentinels

The city of Orlando is named after a man / legend named Orlando Reeves who was a sentinel for a company of soldiers. There’s some debate as to whether this guy actually existed, but the fact remains: Sentinels is a cooler name than “Magic”, right?

#3 Utah Jazz

A prime example of a team who suffers from re-locating cities after ownership transfer. Originally from New Orleans, the team name once made sense, but that was over 40 years ago. It’s high time for a change that reflects the city in which it resides.

New Utah Jazz name: the Utah Pioneers

Can’t really go with anything Mormon related for obvious reasons, but there were multiple western pioneers that travelled through the area and settled parts of Utah. It’s unique, relevant and accurate… you ever known Salt Lake City for their jazz?

#4 New Orleans Pelicans

Coinciding with #3, when New Orleans got an NBA team back in town they had a great opportunity to name the team something iconic with their historic city. There’s so much tradition in New Orleans, so many options for relevant naming, it was a given that the new team would be named something that aligned with it’s rich, rich past. Right? Right!

The fucking PELICANS? Worst naming of a team in the history of sport.

New Orleans Pelicans new name: The New Orleans Knights

This was easy; something historical and aligned with what the city is known for: Mardi Gras. In 1874, The Knights of Revelry became the first mystic parading association to parade during the day on Mardi Gras. Done. Next!

#5 Tulsa Golden Hurricane

There’s not a single alumni from Tulsa University I’ve met that likes the team nickname. Hurricanes never get close to Tulsa and what on EARTH is a “Golden” hurricane anyway? Apparently in 1922, the head coach of the football team came up with the idea on a whim and put it to a team vote. There should have been more of a process.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane new branding: Tulsa Tornados

We don’t really need to explain this one do we? Tulsa Tornados. Check!

#6 Cleveland Browns

The team was initially named for their founder Paul Brown. That’s cool and all, but geez what a last name to be stuck with. Not only is brown the least used color for clear reasons, it’s objectively a terrible team name for a city that has a fantastic and loyal fanbase. Which is what brings us to the new branding idea: the Cleveland Bulldogs.

New Cleveland Browns name: Cleveland Bulldogs

The bleacher section on the eastern side of the stadium has long been called the “Dawg Pound” and the bulldog is occasionally used as the alternate team mascot already. Just pull the trigger and make the switch Jimmy Haslam, the entire city will thank you.

We certainly missed a number of other team names & logos, so be sure to comment on our twitter thread here to suggest more design work from our team!

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