The NFL Underdog Story: Let’s Ride, Die, and Rough the Passer?

After a disappointing week 4 performance, we the week got off to a great start as the the Indianapolis Colts +152 were able to make less mistakes and make more field goal in an overtime victory most people are trying to forget they ever watched. May the football gods never bestow such a terrible, unwatchable game as that Thursday night snooze-fest. The comeback continued in London as the New York Football Giants +350 rallied in the second have behind the resurgent Saquon Barkely to down the Packers 27-20.

The hot start would not last however as the 9 game afternoon slate saw underdogs go 2-7. The New York Jets +149 overwhelmed the Miami Dolphins who lost backup QB Teddy Bridgewater to a concussion on his first offensive snap. The Houston Texans +226 beat the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars behind offensive rookie of the year favorite Dameon Pierce 13-6. Pierce ripped off his second straight week of 90 or more rushing yards and a TD.

Our last win of the day came win the Dallas Cowboys +193 rolled into SoFi Stadium and handled the defending Super Bowl champs from the opening drive, 22-10. The Cowboys were able to turn a return a Matthew Stafford fumble for a touchdown then followed it by blocking a Rams punt. The Cowboys defense remained stingy and shut out the hapless rams in the second half to seal the victory.

[email protected]IND +152W$1.52
[email protected]NYG +350W$3.50
[email protected]PIT +630L-$1.00
[email protected]CLE +106L-$1.00
[email protected]CHI +305L-$1.00
[email protected]DET +135L-$1.00
[email protected]SEA +193L-$1.00
[email protected]NYJ +149W$1.49
[email protected]ATL +382L-$1.00
[email protected]WSH -105L-$1.05
[email protected]HOU +266W$2.66
[email protected]CAR +210L-$1.00
[email protected]DAL +193W$1.93
[email protected]ARI +205L-$1.00
[email protected]BAL -161L-$1.00
[email protected]LV +291L-$1.00
Game 5 Results5-12$0.05

Despite the overall poor record of 5-12, the odds were in our favor enough to finish at a meager +.05 units for the week, bringing our season total to + 8.98 units on the season. Which brings our season batting average to .800; not too shabby.

Next week brings us a new wrinkle to the schedule as NFL Bye weeks begin bringing us less games and less margin for error.

*Note: this is not a recommendation to play any of these games as actual bets, this is for research and entertainment purposes only.