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Pokatok is eager to partner with like minded individuals and organizations to expand sports tech and innovation in Houston.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Pokatok Festival

Amplifying and advancing the human experience through sport. A global gathering at the intersection of sports, culture, and innovation. The Pokatok Festival is a mash up of conferences, competitions, and connections to celebrate and showcase sports and the technologies disrupting them. Hosted in Houston, fall of 2023

Pokatok Labs

Pokatok Labs is a 9-week scale up program, growing Seed and Series A companies in sports tech.  Participants in this program benefit from one-on-one individualized support and access to a large network of organizations, advisors, investors, and experts within sports tech. Pokatok Labs works with established sports tech companies who have strong traction and a funding history to further accelerate them via business development and network expansion opportunities. The second iteration of Pokatok Labs will be in fall 2022.

Pokatok Media


An interview style series, hosted by Chris Buckner and Lawson Gow, who sit down with influencers spanning a wide range of industries and backgrounds. “Where we get under the influence of the friends we feature, the stories they share, and the libations that they love.”


The official podcast for the POKATOK festival. Host, Alex Gras sits down with entrepreneurs from across industries, cultures and disciplines to tell human stories at the intersection of sports, culture and innovation. 

Pokatok Events

A year-round series of events ranging from intimate happy hours to large scale events, created to grow Houston as the sports tech capital. 

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