Episode 11

Travis Weaver Works Hard, Lives Well, and Makes Manly Candles

Travis Weaver, founder of Manready Mercantile, invites us into his Houston storefront to chat about how men need candles too. Travis began Manready by hand-pouring candles on a stovetop in his very own apartment in Houston, Texas.

Episode 10

Lance Zierlein Crushes Our Pro Football Dreams Over Penicillin Cocktails

Lance Zierlein, co-host of ESPN 97.5’s The Bench and NFL Draft Analyst, joins Buck and Lawson to crush their dreams of making it to the NFL. Lance’s co-host on The Bench, John Granato, had joined us on a previous episode.

Episode 9

Adam Day and Dougal Cameron Invest in Pricey Pours of Pappy 23

Adam Day and Dougal Cameron join Buck and Lawson on Under The Influencer for the show’s first multi-guest episode! Founding partners of Golden Section, Adam and Dougal tell the stories of their favorite drinks, their first businesses, and their appreciation for mathematical harmony in nature.

Episode 8

Megan Eddings Mentally Slashes Tires And Sips Stinky Drinks

Megan Eddings of Accel Lifestyle joins Buck and Lawson to enjoy some thoughtfully made, non-alcoholic(?) drinks. Unfortunately, Megan failed to provide her favorite drink ahead of recording, so she’s at the mercy of what Lawson deems suitable for the episode.

Episode 7

Apollo Dez Explains The Relationship Between Sex And Baseball

Apollo Dez of Apollo Media sits down with Buck and Lawson to enjoy Old Fashioned’s, talk baseball, and explore the culture of euphemism surrounding the sport.

Episode 6

John Granato Proves His Loyalty To Coors Light

John Granato, host of ESPN Houston’s The Bench and Houston radio legend, joins Buck and Lawson to give some context to his intense love affair with Coors Light. John has been one of the most recognizable personalities in Houston sports media for several decades, and is up for the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame.

Episode 5

Thomas Fields Innovates Basketball While Sipping RumChata and Fireball

Thomas Fields, CEO and Founder of GRIND, sits down with Buck and Lawson to flex his youth and accomplishments. Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2022, Thomas has developed a shooting machine that folds into a large duffel bag, for basketball players everywhere. He’s appeared on Shark Tank, and he’s one of the many exciting young minds innovating sports in Houston.

Episode 4

David Gow Adds A New Family Member Over Cheap Martinis

David Gow, CEO and Founder of Gow Media, sits down with Buck and Lawson to bring a father figure to a show in desperate need of one. Gow Media is a multi-platform media company focused on tapping into the passions of its audiences. With properties including CultureMap, SportsMap, InnovationMap, and ESPN Houston, Gow Media is one of the largest media companies in Texas. David joins the show to put his taste buds to the test, to ponder the mysteries of adulthood, and maybe, to even add a new member to the Gow family.

Episode 3

Alex Gras Explains Pokatok While Spreading Argentinian Culture

Alex Gras, co-founder of Pokatok, sits down with Buck and Lawson to bring Argentinian culture to the very uncultured. Pokatok is a global gathering at the intersection of sports, culture, and innovation. The Pokatok Festival is a mash up of conferences, competitions, and connections to celebrate and showcase sports and the technologies disrupting them. Alex shares some of the tradition behind his favorite Argentine drinks, while discussing sports, entrepreneurship, and more.

Episode 2

Lydia Davies Relives Pop Stardom While Bringing Golfers Together

Lydia Davies, founder of TeeMates Golf and former UK popstar known as Kyrah, takes Buck and Lawson through her journey around the world that led her here. She’s charted in the top ten on the UK Dance charts, she’s been a teacher, she’s been a real estate agent, and now she’s bringing golfers together with TeeMates.

Episode 1

Aaron Knape Thirsts For Blood Over Hot Dog Delivery

Aaron Knape, co-founder of sEATz, joins Buck and Lawson to tell how standing in long lines at the stadium might be a thing of the past. sEATz is an in-seat delivery app available at many sports, event and music venues around the United States. Aaron reminisces with Buck and Lawson about their early days as startup founders while drinking pricey reposado tequila.