Episode 8

Pokatok Labs | Spotlight Week 1: Reflexion

In Week 1 of our spotlight on Pokatok Labs’ inaugural cohort, Matt Roda and Matt Campagna sit down with Alex Gras to discuss how they are innovating neuro-training with Reflexion.

Episode 7

William Labanowski On Sports Betting

William Labanowski, founder and CEO of WagerLab, sits down with Alex Gras to talk about how his app facilitates friendly sports bets and more. They discuss the trends and correlations he and his team have noticed, as well as some of the fun stakes he’s leveraged with his friends.

Episode 6

Chris Canetti On Bringing The World Cup To Houston

Chris Canetti sits down with Alex Gras to discuss Houston’s bid for the 2026 World Cup. Former President of the Houston Dynamo, Canetti has spent much of his life dedicated to the game of soccer, and now is heading the efforts to bring the World Cup to Houston.

Episode 5

Houston Dynamo Legend Brian Ching Talks Life After Soccer

Brian Ching sits down with Alex Gras to discuss how he’s transitioned from being a star MLS player to being a businessman and entrepreneur. A 6x MLS All-Star, Brian played with the Houston Dynamo from 2006 to 2013, and is the franchise’s all-time leader in goals.

Episode 4

Metaverse, NFTs, Robotics, and The NFLĀ 

Natara Holloway-Branch sits down with Alex Gras to talk about the NFL product, Houston as a sports city, and of course, Texas BBQ. The NFL’s first African-American woman to hold a Vice President position, Natara gives her perspective on why Houston could be the sports tech capital of the world.

Episode 3

Apollo Media Takes One Giant Leap for Houston Sports

In this episode of Sports Everything, host Alex Gras sits down with co-founders Dez and Josh of Apollo Media to discuss Twitch, community through content and the importance of authenticity.

Episode 2

Jorge Ortiz Levels The Playing Field with Varsity Hype

In this episode of Pok-a-Talk, host Alex Gras sits down with Jorge Ortiz CEO and founder of Varsity Hype. They cover on being an entrepreneur, Web 3, and NFTs and how they all tie back to building community.

Episode 1

Lydia Davies Is Down To Golf With TeeMates

Lydia Davies sits down with Alex Gras to discuss how TeeMates is bringing golfers together worldwide. Lydia talks about how her many different career paths have shaped her, taken her all over the world, and ultimately led her here.