Festival Update: The Sports Partners of Pokatok

Jay and Austin talk about some of the partners already announced for Pokatok and debate what they think they would be best at. And worst at. And maybe shouldn’t try at all for potential injury reasons.


The founders behind the World’s Fair for Sports

Austin and Jay sit down with founders Lawson Gow and Chris Buckner of Pokatok to discuss where the idea behind the World’s Fair for Sports came from, the impact of sports on culture, and what we all can expect at the festival next April.

Episode 27

Teach Me How to Pickleball

Join Coach Jay and Austin as they explain the rules to America’s fastest growing sport. Disclaimer: Coach Jay and Austin are by no means experts, they just love everything sports.

Episode 26

The Mount Rushmore of Sports Trophies

There’s a lot of wild trophies out there. On this episode of Sports Everything, Coach Jay and Austin reveal their top four.


What is the Pokatok Festival?

We figured we’d put together a little “about the festival” video just to make sure we’re all on the same page with what we’re trying to accomplish here.


Which Sport Has the Best Ball?

On this episode of Sports Everything, Coach Jay and The Kid rank every ball they can think of.


BeOne Sports: A Sports Company Developing “Really Cool” Tech

This week we sat down with Scott Deans to discuss his company BeOne Sports, sports tech innovation, and his experience with professional football.

Episode 22

Janis Burke on Houston as a Sports Capital

Janis Burke, CEO of HCHSA, sits down with Alex Gras to tell stories of her favorite moments that exemplify community in sports. Janis has been the CEO of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority since 2006.

Episode 21

Mike Chabala of Sphere Combines Community, Fitness, and Soccer

Mike Chabala, former MLS player and founder of Sphere, sits down with Alex Gras to talk about how Sphere is bringing a locker room aspect to fitness. Sphere is a soccer-inspired fitness concept.

Episode 20

Jonathan Wells Is Tackling The Football vs. Football Debate

Jonathan Wells, former Texans RB, joins the podcast to talk to Alex about J. Wells Media Group and how he’s educating people on the similarities between football and soccer.

Episode 19

Lori Burgess On Why Esports Athletes Are The New Celebrities

Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports, sits down with Alex Gras to talk about how the landscape of sports is changing rapidly. Beasley Esports owns several esports teams, including the Houston Outlaws for Overwatch and Team AXLE-R8 for Rocket League.

Episode 16

Pokatok Labs | Spotlight Week 4: RE Cooling Tech

Brittany Soeder and Robert Maher of RE Cooling Tech sit down with Alex Gras to discuss how they’re keeping athletes cool during the hot summer months. RE Cooling Tech has created a collar to be worn around the athlete’s neck that sends cold fluid to create rapid cooling.