The Ten Best Nicknames For Sports Venues

Across the world of sports, certain stadiums and venues etch themselves into history with their legacies. Some of these venues by way of their history, received incredible nicknames. The venues themselves play just as important a role in the lore of sports as the events they host. With that in mind, here’s our list of ten of the best nicknames of venues in the world of sports.

10. “Death Valley” – LSU and Clemson

The fact that the nickname is used by both LSU and Clemson is the only reason “Death Valley” finds itself this low on the list. LSU’s Death Valley serves as the nickname for Tiger Stadium. Memorial Stadium serves as the home of Clemson Football and also holds the “Death Valley” moniker. I’m biased towards the LSU version of “Death Valley” after playing there myself and witnessing the impact of the crowd firsthand but either way, the name makes for a fantastically intimidating venue nickname.

9. “Carnasty” – Carnoustie Golf Links

From the world of golf, Carnoustie Golf Links earned its nickname due to its reputation as one of the most difficult courses in the sport. That nickname? “Carnasty”. Sometimes simplicity works and I personally love how much the nickname conveys how hard a round of golf at Carnoustie is. Even for the pros.

8. “The Track Too Tough To Tame” – Darlington Raceway

Darlington Raceway actually has two nicknames, both of which are good enough to get an entry on the list. While “The Lady In Black” is great, I went with “The Track Too Tough To Tame”. Darlington’s reputation as one of the toughest tracks for drivers in NASCAR only fuels the hype behind the name. The fastest line at the track through turns three and four has drivers just inches from the wall. This means contact with the wall often happens bestowing cars with the “Darlington Stripe”. Too tough to tame indeed.

7. “The Juicebox” – Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid getting the naming rights to the home of the Houston Astros resulted in one of my personal favorite stadium nicknames, and I say this not just because I live in Houston. “The Juicebox”, derived from Minute Maid Park, just makes so much sense. Houston’s old Astrodome would likely have made this list if teams still played there but residents of the Bayou City can still proudly hold up “The Juicebox” as one of the best nicknames for sports venues.

6. “The Big House” – Michigan Stadium

In college football, there is no shortage of iconic nicknames for sporting venues. Michigan Stadium, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, is one of the most iconic. “The Big House” immediately conjures images of 100,000-plus screaming Michigan fans cheering on their team. Of course, the time the Detroit Red Wings played at the venue was just as iconic. No matter who ends up playing at Michigan Stadium, “The Big House” will always find its way onto lists like this one.

5. “The Shark Tank” – SAP Center

image via @SanJoseSharks / Twitter

The San Jose Sharks play their home hockey games at the SAP Center. Calling the venue “The Shark Tank” is just a fantastic way of capitalizing on the team name. I don’t have much else to add to this one, just terrific execution.

4. “Theatre of Dreams” – Old Trafford

Soccer, or football, possesses some of the most iconic venues in all of sports. Old Trafford will always rank among the top venues whether Manchester United perform well or not. Bobby Charlton gave Old Trafford the nickname “The Theatre of Dreams”. For a sport nicknamed “The Beautiful Game”, it’s difficult to think of a better nickname for one of its most iconic venues.

3. “The Brickyard” – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s history is long and full of twists and turns for an oval track. Back in 1909 when IMS opened, paving roads was a relatively new phenomenon. With this in mind, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Indy saw several different surfaces over the course of the history of the track. One of those early surfaces was brick. With the number of bricks being laid to surface the track, the circuit became known as “The Brickyard”. Though asphalt now covers most of the track, a single yard of bricks remains at the start-finish line as a tribute to the nickname that still graces the track.

2. “The Swamp” – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

An incredibly fitting nickname for a venue in Florida, it just makes sense that a team named the Gators would play in a stadium called “The Swamp”. In fact, Ben Hill Griffin with its classic Florida heat and humidity feels like a swamp. Constantly ranked among the top venues in college football, I’ve always felt “The Swamp” to be probably the most accurate of any college football venue nickname. An oppressive environment for opposing teams to enter, this aptly nicknamed venue certainly earned a place on our list.

1. “The Friendly Confines” – Wrigley Field

I must admit, I do possess a bit of bias as a Cubs fan. However, “The Friendly Confines” represents such an iconic name I think it deserving of the top spot. Wrigley Field always ranks among the top venues in the sports because of the history but the nickname only helps. And with such a great nickname, “The Friendly Confines” made for an easy top choice.

What do you think of our list? Let us know on Twitter which best nicknames for sports venues we missed!

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