Nick Bacica

Guest Sports Writer

The NFL Underdog Story: All Good Things Come to an End

We’re still sitting at a positive of 8.93 units on the year, but week 4 was presented with a very narrow margin for error featuring only three games at north of +200 on the money line.

The NFL Underdog Story: The Jaguars are Good??

Week 3 brought us tighter lines as the minds in Las Vegas have more and more data to work with. The underdogs still performed.

The NFL Underdog Story: J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!

By the conclusion of the afternoon games, our darling dogs were 7-6 and sitting an incredible +5.93 units, guaranteeing at least a return of a profit of 2.93 units for the week.

The NFL Underdog Story: The Return of Saquon

A weekly series measuring the success of every Moneyline underdog to see if it’s possible to turn a profit over the course of an entire NFL season.