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Mike Chabala is no longer just best known for his various accomplishments at the professional soccer level.

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5 Top Technologies for the Next World Cup What are the top Top 5 new technologies we can expect for World Cup 2026. We’re getting closer to a decision on the final host cities for the World Cup 2026 in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Cities, in particular, Houston, with its Soccer Innovation Institute, have positioned themselves to use the World Cup to drive innovation in Soccer, meeting the FIFA goals of: Growing the Game Enhancing the Fan Experience Using Soccer as a Force for Global Good Considering the buzz around the pioneering cooling technologies to be used in Qatar this November – temperatures are predicted to range from low 70 degrees to mid 80s – it’s worth forecasting what kind of technology we might see in the North American World Cup four years down the road. Here are our Top Five Predictions 1. Virtual Practice Use VR headsets […]