Attendee Agreement

This ticket is a revocable license to attend the Pokatok festival, expo, and other related events and activities at George R. Brown Convention Center, Avenida de las Americas, and Discovery Green, all of which are located in Houston, Texas, or any other area the Event takes place (“Event”), and the holder, on behalf of the holder and any accompanying minor (individually and collectively, “Holder”), agrees to all of its terms. By using this ticket and entering the Event, the Holder agrees to be bound by all of the terms of this license which includes the Code of Conduct found at and any additional policies specific to the facility the Event is taking place (collectively, the “Code Of Conduct”), all of which are incorporated herein by reference. 

Pokatok, LLC, facility management, and its and their designees, employees, and agents (collectively, “Organizer”) may, without refund or liability to Holder, revoke this license, refuse admission, and/or remove any Holder from the Event for noncompliance with these terms or for any other disorderly conduct.

Holder agrees not to transmit, distribute, or sell (or aid in transmitting, distributing, or selling), in any media now or hereafter existing, any description, account (whether text, data, or visual), picture, video, audio or other form of commercial exploitation or commercial reproduction of the Event (in whole or in part). This ticket may not be used for any form of commercial or trade purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, gambling, or gaming activities, without the express written consent of Organizer. 

Holder and Holder’s belongings may be searched upon entry into the Event including, but not limited to, metal-detectors, and Holder consents to such searches and waives any related claims that might arise from such search. If Holder elects not to consent to these searches, Holder will be denied entry into the Event. If a prohibited item is revealed during a search, as set forth in the Code of Conduct, Holder may dispose of the item or return the item to Holder’s vehicle. Holder is fully and solely responsible for any property and personal belongings brought to the Event and agrees that Organizer and the facilities for which the Event is taking place shall not be responsible for or provide and security for any of the foregoing.

Holder grants permission to the Organizer to utilize Holder’s image, likeness, actions, and statements in connection with any live or recorded audio, video, film, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium, whether now known or hereafter created, or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation. In addition, Holder grants Organizer permission to collect, use, share, and store certain facial and other biometric information as permitted by applicable law, including for security purposes. 

HOLDER VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ANY AND ALL RISKS AND DANGERS occurring before, during, or after the Event, including personal injury, death, or property damage and all hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the Event, howsoever caused and whether by negligence or otherwise and Holder releases Organizer, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and its and their officers, partners, operators, managers, representatives directors, agents, employees, successors, and assigns (each ,a “Released Party”) from any related claims. Holder understands that the activities that take place at the Event may not be supervised and that Organizer does not provide medical services. Holder further acknowledges that any injury sustained while at the Event may be compounded by negligent or delayed medical service. 

By attending the Event, Holder agrees to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless each Released Party from and against any claims, damages, liability, or any expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to: (i) the use of Holder’s image, likeness, actions, and statements as set forth herein, including claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or rights of publicity or copyright infringement, or any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction, or production of the finished product, its publication or distribution; and (ii) any personal injury, loss of life, or damage to property sustained because of or arising out of Holder’s attendance or participation in any activities at the Event.

Breach of any of the terms of this license, failure to comply with Event, Organizer, and/or facility rules or policies, including, but not limited to, the Code of Conduct, or the refunding to the Holder of the printed purchase price of this ticket made available by Organizer, shall automatically terminate any rights that the Holder may have hereunder; shall render illegal and unauthorized the Holder’s use of the ticket for any purpose; and shall authorize Organizer to withdraw the ticket, refuse admission to the Event and facilities, or eject the Holder from the Event or facilities, and subject the Holder to all legal remedies available to Organizer and the facilities. Resale or attempted resale of this ticket in violation of applicable law is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation. 

Holder agrees that Organizer will not be liable for rescheduling or canceling the Event to the extent caused by a condition (e.g., natural disaster, act of war or terrorism, riot, labor condition, governmental action, and Internet disturbance) that is beyond Organizer’s reasonable control (a “Force Majeure Event”). In the event of a Force Majeure Event, if the Event is rescheduled within two (2) years of the original Event date, Holder will be given a ticket for the new date of the Event. If the Event is not rescheduled within such a time period, or Organizer at any time elects not to reschedule the Event, Organizer shall refund the face value of the ticket, less any processing fees. If Organizer reschedules the Event for any non-Force Majeure Event, Organizer will, in its sole discretion: (i) either reschedule the event within two (2) years of the original Event date and give Holder a ticket for the new date of the Event; or (ii) refund the face value of the ticket, less any processing fees. Tickets are intended for the original purchaser only. To the extent a Holder acquires a ticket from any person or entity other than through Organizer’s authorized ticketing company at, Holder does so at his or her sole risk and Pokatok shall have no liability to such Holder under any circumstance, including if the Event is canceled or rescheduled or if the ticket acquired by Holder is fraudulent or illegitimate. Holder acknowledges and agrees that, in the event a refund is authorized by Pokatok for any reason, such refund shall be processed to the original payor via the method of payment used at time of purchase. 

Any claims or disputes arising out of or relating to this license shall be brought exclusively in a court of competent jurisdiction in Harris County, Texas and governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Texas without regard to conflict of law principles. The Holder hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts and irrevocably waives any claims or objections regarding lack of personal or subject matter jurisdiction.

Without limiting the foregoing, the Holder agrees not to give or offer this ticket in a manner that would constitute a violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, any other anti-bribery law or regulation, or any conflicts of interest law, regulation, or policy.