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The Ten Best Nicknames For Sports Venues

Jay Arnold talks about some of the best nicknames for sports venues around the world, from motorsports to college football to boxing.

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Third Round of Pokatok Partners Announced: AFFL, Freestyle Trampoline and Drop-in Gaming

The third round of Pokatok Partners is announced with the AFFL, Freestyle Trampoline, and Drop-In Gaming signing on for the Pokatok Festival.

⏱ Sep 6, 2023   |   Festival Updates

Beasley Esports and Freestyle Football Join As Partners For Pokatok Festival

Pokatok is thrilled to announce our next set of brand partnerships - Beasley Esports and the World Freestyle Football Association!

⏱ Aug 30, 2023

Volleyball Day In Nebraska: Huskers Look to Set Women’s Sports Attendance Record

Jay Arnold
⏱ Aug 28, 2023

The Best Mismatching Sports Venues and Events

Jay Arnold
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Most Intriguing Games of the 2023 College Football Season

Jay Arnold previews the most interesting matchups of the 2023 College Football Season for Pokatok, with several highly anticipated games.

⏱ Aug 21, 2023   |   CompetitionGeneral

Spanish National Team Claims Women’s World Cup

Jay Arnold talks the Spanish victory over the English in the World Cup Final. The World Cup is the first for the Spanish National Team.

⏱ Aug 18, 2023   |   CompetitionGeneral

FIFA Women’s World Cup Update: World Cup Final Preview

Jay Arnold talks about the semifinal round and previews the finals for the Women's World Cup between England and Spain.

⏱ Aug 15, 2023   |   Festival Updates

First wave of Brand Partnerships: U.S. Soccer Foundation, PlayFly ESports and Dryvebox

We're excited to announce the first set of brand partnerships for Pokatok 2024: US Soccer Foundation, PlayFly Esports and Dryvebox.

⏱ Aug 14, 2023   |   CompetitionGeneral

FIFA Women’s World Cup Update: Quarterfinals

Jay Arnold breaks down how each of the four Women's World Cup semifinalists punched their ticket to the next round.

⏱ Aug 10, 2023   |   FanzoneOur Takes

Resolving Conference Realignment

Jay Arnold fixes the chaos and strife surrounding the current state of college football by proposing his own form of conference realignment.

⏱ Aug 9, 2023   |   CompetitionGeneral

FIFA Women’s World Cup Update: Round of 16

Jay Arnold talks the FIFA Women's World Cup and updates us following the conclusion of the first knockout stage of the tournament.

⏱ Aug 3, 2023   |   FanzoneThe Great Outdoors

Road Trip to Richmond Recap

Jay Arnold talks about his drive from Houston to Richmond and back for the Cook Out 400 at Richmond Raceway - the Road Trip to Richmond.

⏱ Aug 2, 2023   |   Competition

FIFA Women’s World Cup Update: Week Two

Jay Arnold looks at the state of the FIFA Women's World Cup after the second week of play in New Zealand and Australia.

⏱ Jul 26, 2023   |   Our Takes

FIFA Women’s World Cup Update: Week One

Coach Jay updates us on the FIFA Women's World Cup after a week and some change of action. Upsets, goals, and favorites.